Dante Horoiwa is a self-taught artist born in São Paulo, Brazil in 1988.

Recently, Horoiwa has exhibited his paintings at the El Centenario Museum in Mexico, with further features in Australia, United States, South and North American galleries, as well as large scale murals on the streets of East and West Europe. He also has recently attended an art residence in Japan.


2018 |  Suface Tension ,Group exhibition at the Japan Foundation, Sydney Australia.

2018 |  Ainu ancestry research , Art residence at Tenjinyama art studio in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan

2018 |  Phantom Pain , Duo Exhibition with Imai Yusk, Backwoods Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

2017 |  Cutting the memories , Mural painting, Vulica Brasil, Minsk, Belarus

2015 |  Encuentro Místico , Museo El Centenario, Monterrey, México

2012 | The Third Meaning II, RH Gallery, New York, New York

2010 | The Third Meaning, RH Gallery, New York, New York

2010 | Transfer, Pavilion of Brazilian Cultures, São Paulo, Brasil

2010 | Indoctrination, Anno Domini Gallery, San Jose, California

2009 | R.U.A. , Mural Painting, Rotterdam, Netherlands

2008 | No Comply , No Vcancy Gallery, Melbourne, Australia



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